Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot Tub Health Benefits

A modern day high quality hot tub is now so much more than a box of bubbling hot water to relax and have fun in.

Leading manufacturers such as Artesian are using the very latest technology to develop hydrotherapy spas for the home that offer all the benefits of traditional massage and reflexology. How often do people spend days or even weekends away on spa breaks to re-charge their batteries? Imagine being able to do this every day in the comfort of your own home!


Muscle Pain & Arthritis


Hot tubs have long been popular with those whose careers put stress on their bodies through their physical demands or by standing for many hours each day. Even sitting at desk all day can cause chronic back pain through poor posture. A 20 minute soak in 37°C causes blood vessels to dilate which improves circulation and helps move inflammatory substances away from the muscles and joints. When the body is submerged in water the weightlessness effect significantly reduces the pressure around the joints providing instant relief from injuries and arthritis. Artesian's patented Helix Jets found in the Island and Elite range create a swirling vortex of water that targets the areas of the body most prone to pain such as the neck & back. Top sports people around the world are now installing hot tubs to aid recovery from injury and the stress of training and competition.


Stress Relief


Our modern 24/7 lifestyles are reducing the amount of downtime we have each day which in turn increases our stress levels. So many of us work longer hours, busy traffic increases our commute not to mention this electronic world we now live in meaning for many the works does not stop once home. Stress is known to cause headaches, fatigue and more. We all know that water and electronic devices do not mix. Put your smart phone and tablets to one side and sit back, relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub. Even better; make this "family time" as even the young will feel the benefits of a regular spa session.


Sleep Aid


Sleep deprivation has been a major concern for health professionals for many years. Both our bodies and mind must have sufficient sleep every night as this is when our bodies not only rest but they repair themselves. Tiredness is a major cause of accidents on the road, at work and at home. Lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, lack of concentration and even have a negative effect to our mood. A 15 to 20 minutes session in a hot tub 1 or 2 hours before bedtime will help you unwind and set you on the road a far healthier and regular Sleep pattern.


Skin Care


A recent revolution to the hot tub industry is the use of MicroSilk (needs the trademark r here). An advanced system that submerges your body in billions of micro bubbles that are smaller than your pores so enrich your skin by hydrating it and removing impurities. By improving collagen production it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.