Here at Luxury Spas Direct we aim to make the purchase and installation of your chosen spa as relaxing as actually using it. We offer a free of charge no obligation site survey to assess the access to the property to see the work involved. Sometimes the size of the access can determine the size of spa a customer will order.


Standard installation is usually free of charge. We have a wide range of equipment designed purely the moving around of hot tubs. Mainly we use a trolley that comes as part of the trailer we move the spas around on. This allows us to move the spa from the back of the trailer to the trolley in one simple move. With handles on both ends and large inflated tyres we can move it around easily on rough ground. The trolley is a little wider than many spas so for real tight space we can transfer the spa to a dolly that is both narrower and lower. We have a sledge for when we need to keep the spa as low to the ground as possible due to restricted height and an inflatable wedge for easy lifting and lowering of the hot tub. We can assist with the removal of gates and panels whenever possible.


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Sometimes despite our best efforts a lift is needed. If we only need to clear a fence or maybe a garage we can use a Hiab which is a truck with a small crane on the back. These can usually lift 18m and are low cost. We can recommend a Company for you or work with your own choice. In both cases we do all the arrangements; you can add the cost of the lift to your order but the most cost effective way it to pay the driver direct. Please see below a video of a lift via a Hiab.


When a much longer reach is need such as having to lift over a house then a crane would be required. The cost of this depends on just how far the lift is but again we will organise everything. We do many lifts each year with Ken Harrop Crane Hire which ensures you get the best deal possible. Have a watch of the video below that shows both a spa and a Covana Oasis automated gazebo being lifted into place.


For further information please speak to one of our team on 01772 364400 or email