Are more Jets better?

Are more Jets better?

It is often assumed that more jets in a spa are better. A customer recently had been offered a spa with 100 jets! The simple answer to this question is no however it is a little more complicated than that.

The type of jet is far more important than the number. All Artesian Spas are designed to offer comfort and unsurpassed hydrotherapy. They ensure the placement and size of the jet target specific areas of the body so that each muscle receives the appropriate massage. To maximise this effect each seat in the spa is different too. No single seat can offer the ultimate massage but moving around the spa will ensure you can pin point the areas you need to focus on the most. The Artesian Island & Elite range offer the patented Helix jet system. Engineered to create a spiral in the water to provide jet pulsation and heightened massage pressure. All jets on Artesian spas can be opened and closed to control the pressure of the water released.

Moving back from the jet you have the plumbing and the pumps. Artesian arrange all pipework with angles of no more than 45 degrees. Acute angles reduce the water pressure and put addition strain on the joints of the pipes. The pumps need to be both powerful enough to ensure sufficient pressure but also energy efficient to control the running costs. We all know the effect of putting your finger on the end of a hosepipe; the same applies to a hot tub. Running 50 jets on one 2 HP pump could be too weak for a quality massage and 25 jets on two 3 HP pump could make it too powerful and therefor uncomfortable.

Then there is the shell. This is an area were cheaper made spas try and save money. The outer materials are thinner and they are not sufficiently bonded together. Adding too many jets to a poor quality shell weakens it further and significantly increases the chances of a leak.

Overall size of the tubs also makes a difference. Too many in a small tub or too few in a large hot tub will have a negative effect. It is all about matching the amount of jets, their size & type, position, pumps and spa size to create the right balance for your individual needs. Every person is different as is every spa. This is why Artesian have 5 lines and 50 different designs; to enable us offer the perfect spa for you.