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Artesian Spas Pelican Bay

The Pelican Bay is the ultimate therapeutic spa experience – designed specifically with large families and entertainment in mind. This astonishing 71 high-performance jetted spa offers the most space of any Elite spa. Its unprecedented 9-seat layout provides top-of-the line luxury and comfort, without sacrificing therapy or performance.

Fully customize your own spa. Including standard and optional features.

The innovative patented DIRECTFLOW™ system of the Artesian Elite class allows each person to create a customisable and unique experience, targeting their own individual areas of tension.

DIRECTFLOW™ makes use of highly energy efficient, long-lasting pumps and motors, linked directly to each individual hydrotherapy zone. Each seat is controlled by a DIRECTFLOW™ personal control panel consisting of an on/off switch, as well as an air control for the jets and a Variable Flow Control™ (VFC) located within easy reach. The VFC is an integral part of the DIRECTFLOW™ system. This patented valve gives users the ultimate in personalised control over the spa hydrotherapy environment. Say goodbye to sore muscles, tension and stress as you relax your body into a state of euphoria – each and every day!

Specifications Standard features Optional features
  1. Key Characteristics

    Brand: Artesian Spas
    Jets: 71
    Pumps: 7
    Seats: 9
    Capacity: 1912 L
    Dry weight: 549 kg
    Dimensions: 274 x 231 x 107 cm
  1. Standard features

    • Warranty:
      – 12 Year Structure
      – 7 Year Surface
      – 3 Year Parts, Labour, Plumbing and Electrical
      – 2 Year on Monarch Cabinets
      – 1 Year on Stereo and AOP Systems
    • Curved shell design measuring 108cm at the back and 93cm at the front of the spa
    • Stainless Steel H2O PowerFlow Jet Design
    • Dual Footblaster Jets
    • Stainless Steel Accents
    • DynaBrite LED:
      (1) 5 in. LED Light, (5) 2 in. LED Lights, Backlit 24″ AllegroFall and (4) BellagioFalls
    • Patented DirectFlow® Personal Control Technology
    • Advanced Digital Touch Control System with Artesian Smart Control Pack: Touch Screen, Colour LCD Display, 3 Zone Lighting ready, WiFi Ready (module required) and Multi-language Interface
    • Diamond AOP Water Treatment System
    • Morbern 5 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Cover
    • Full Foam with PermaBase ABS Pan
    • WhisperPure™ Circulation System with Microfilter
    • Monarch Cabinet
    • Titanium Heater: 3.0 kW
  1. Optional features

    • Stereo System:
      1) BBA Fully Integrated Bluetooth Sound System: 4 x 2” Polk interior speakers and sub-woofer
      2) Premium Polk Sound System: 4 x 2” Polk interior speakers, Bluetooth, Radio AM/FM, and Power sub-woofer
      3) 2 x 6.5” Polk Patio Speakers (only available with Premium Polk Stereo System)
    • Midnight Glow Lighting System: 4 x Corner Cabinet Lights and 360° Skirt Lighting (N/A on Rock Cabinetry)
    • SpaFrog System: In-Line Sanitisation system for cleaner, clearer and softer spa water (bromine and water conditioning cartridges not included)
    • Worldwide Wireless Spa Control App: Control your spa from your smart phone or smart device from anywhere in the world
    • Rock Cabinetry