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Artesian Spas Dove Canyon

Transform your back garden into an unforgettable spa experience with the Dove Canyon. Calm your senses and escape the pressures of your daily routine with this top-of-the-line therapeutic getaway. Equipped with 6 sculpted seats, its spacious layout, elegant design and top-notch performance will whisk you away into a vacation-like state of mind.

Fully customize your own spa. Including standard and optional features.

The innovative patented DIRECTFLOW™ system of the Artesian Elite class allows each person to create a customisable and unique experience, targeting their own individual areas of tension.

DIRECTFLOW™ makes use of highly energy efficient, long-lasting pumps and motors, linked directly to each individual hydrotherapy zone. Each seat is controlled by a DIRECTFLOW™ personal control panel consisting of an on/off switch, as well as an air control for the jets and a Variable Flow Control™ (VFC) located within easy reach. The VFC is an integral part of the DIRECTFLOW™ system. This patented valve gives users the ultimate in personalised control over the spa hydrotherapy environment. Say goodbye to sore muscles, tension and stress as you relax your body into a state of euphoria – each and every day!

Specifications Standard features Optional features
  1. Key Characteristics

    Brand: Artesian Spas
    Jets: 67 & 71
    Pumps: 7
    Seats: 6
    Capacity: 1533 L
    Dry weight: 476 kg
    Dimensions: 231 x 231 x 107 cm
  1. Standard features

    • Warranty:
      – 12 Year Structure
      – 7 Year Surface
      – 3 Year Parts, Labour, Plumbing and Electrical
      – 2 Year on Monarch Cabinets
      – 1 Year on Stereo and AOP Systems
    • Curved shell design measuring 108cm at the back and 93cm at the front of the spa
    • Stainless Steel H2O PowerFlow Jet Design
    • Dual Footblaster Jets
    • Stainless Steel Accents
    • DynaBrite LED:
      (1) 5 in. LED Light, (5) 2 in. LED Lights, Backlit 24″ AllegroFall and (4) BellagioFalls
    • Patented DirectFlow® Personal Control Technology
    • Advanced Digital Touch Control System with Artesian Smart Control Pack: Touch Screen, Colour LCD Display, 3 Zone Lighting ready, WiFi Ready (module required) and Multi-language Interface
    • Diamond AOP Water Treatment System
    • Morbern 5 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Cover
    • Full Foam with PermaBase ABS Pan
    • WhisperPure™ Circulation System with Microfilter
    • Monarch Cabinet
    • Titanium Heater: 3.0 kW
  1. Optional features

    • Stereo System:
      1) BBA Fully Integrated Bluetooth Sound System: 4 x 2” Polk interior speakers and sub-woofer
      2) Premium Polk Sound System: 4 x 2” Polk interior speakers, Bluetooth, Radio AM/FM, and Power sub-woofer
      3) 2 x 6.5” Polk Patio Speakers (only available with Premium Polk Stereo System)
    • Midnight Glow Lighting System: 4 x Corner Cabinet Lights and 360° Skirt Lighting (N/A on Rock Cabinetry)
    • SpaFrog System: In-Line Sanitisation system for cleaner, clearer and softer spa water (bromine and water conditioning cartridges not included)
    • Worldwide Wireless Spa Control App: Control your spa from your smart phone or smart device from anywhere in the world
    • Rock Cabinetry